Fiber Aerospace Picture Printing Ceiling Light

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Model No.:SR-AP

Fiber Aerospace Picture Printing Ceiling Light

Power: 200W

Input: 110/220V

Ouput Voltage: DC 5V

Fuse: 3A

Material: Polyester Fiber 

Thickness: 9mm

1PCS module Size: 60x 60x9cm/ 60x120x9cm standard

Light Source Opitons:

1. Module built in 3W RGB LED, control by controller box, 1 controller box control about 20 square meter.

2. Module no buitl in LED, control by Light Machine, 1pcs machine control about 10 square meter.

Picture Printed base( referce to download " attachment" file)

Module color: Any starry-sky/aerospace picture printing photo

Can customized any demand based on occasions: eg. Meteor, star, moon, universe, nebula constellation, cartoon character, text etc.  

Control: Remote Control for brightness, speed, color, effect changing within 50m

17 kinds dynamic changing effects.

Connecting: hand by hand, each module have led source

Installation: making 60x60cm wooden keel track and pneumatic nail fixed

Application:  cinema, home cinema, private cinema, bar, KTV, nightclub and other high-class places 

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