IP65 LED 800W BSW 3-IN-1 CMY CTO Beam Light

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Model No.:SRM-IPL800

IP65 LED 800W BSW 3-IN-1 CMY CTO Beam Light

●Driver power supply: dual power supply(800W + 300W)

●Rating power: 880W

●Light source:  800W LED

●Color temperature:(6500K-2700K)

●Color Wheel:7 color+white light+CMY(Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Color)+CTO+atomization function  

●A color palette with 7 different colors can achieve bidirectional rainbow effect, half color, and linear adjustment 

●CMY infinite color mixing with color macro function, CTO linear color temperature adjustment from 2700K to 6500K 

● Pattern Wheel: 12 fixed pattern +White  

●Rotating pattern: 1 rotating pattern disc with 7 optional pattern pieces, capable of variable speed shaking and bi-directional rotation. The pattern rotation has a 16bit precision fine-tuning

●Focus system: electronic focus

●Atomization: It has the function of atomization and can achieve the soft light effect

●Stroboscopic:  dual motor independent stroboscopic effect, 0.5-20 times/second, adjustable speed

●Motor: XY axis using encoder with three-phase motor, so that the lamp fast and slow speed stability is high, positioning angle is accurate

●Dimming curve: 0%-100% linear dimming, smooth without flicker

●Beam Angle: 4°-40°

●Channel: 26 channels

●Lens diameter: 148mm

●Waterproof rating: IP65

●Control mode 1:DMX 512, auto run, master and slave, RDM function

● Prism system1(3-prism), 1Prism  system 2( 8-prism) capable of bi-directional variable speed rotation

● Display: LCD display, adapt to different installation positions, can rotate 180°

●Horizontal and vertical: adopt high-precision three-phase magnetic coding motor, accurate positioning, smooth operation, can automatically correct positioning

● Level: 540° rotation, 8/16bit resolution, with fine tuning

●Vertical: 270° rotation, 8/16bit resolution, with fine tuning 

●Size: 43*30.6*71.8cm  

●Net weight: 30kg 

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