IP20 500W LED BSW CMY CTO Profile Cutting Light

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Model No.:SRM-LP500

IP20 500W LED BSW 3IN1 CTO CMY Profile Cutting Frame Moving Head Light

Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Power: 580W

Light source: 500W high brightness module LED

Light source life: 20,000 hours

Beam Angle: 5°-55°

Channels: 26Chs+RDM

CTO: Independent color temperature adjusting

1 Color Wheel: 8 colors + open + half color function

1 Rotating pattern: 7 rotation pattern + open, pattern water effect, pattern shaking dynamic effect, can realize bidirectional water flowing effect

Atomization: with a atomizing mirror to achieve wash effect

Cutting disc: a group of 8 cutting blades composed of controllable light spot cutting angle system, through the precise control of cutting light, can create any direction of triangular, diamond, rectangular and other shapes of light spots

Dimming: 0-25HZ/ Sec, electronic linear dimming, high-speed stroboscopic, a variety of stroboscopic effects

Focus: Linear focus function

Prism: 6/8 prism effect, can be rotated independently

Pan l: 540°+16 bit fine

Titl: 270°+16 bit fine

2.8-inch LCD touch screen, Chinese and English languages can be switch

Cooling method: Use axial fan to strengthen cooling

Safety device: with electronic temperature control overheat protection, overheat system failure electronic temperature control automatic power off protection

Appearance material: high temperature resistant plastic

Body can be automatically reversed by 180 degrees

Net weight : 22.5KG 

Size: 38*27*65CM (L*W*H)

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