500W LED BSW CTO CMY Moving Head Light

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Model No.:SRM-L500

500W LED BSW CMY CTO Moving Head Light

Voltage: AC100-240V,50-60Hz

Power: 600W

LED Source: High Power 500W White LED 

Lumen illumination: 4 m 120000 lm

Light output aperture: 138MM

Color Temperature: 7500K

LED Life Time: 50000 Hours 

Channel: 24CHs +RDM

Control: DMX512/Master-Slav/Auto/Sound Activated/online software upgrade, dial the address code

Pan: 540 degree + 16 bits fine  

Tilt: 270 degree + 16 bits fine

Zoom range: 2.7-40°

Wash angle: 4-40°

Gobo angle: 4-40°

Dimmer: 0-100% smooth linear dimmer 

High-speed stroboscopic: 0-30 times/second. Adjustable speed stroboscopic effect. Strobe macro function

Color: 3 independent CMY color mixing systems, any color can be mixed 

CTO: Independent color temperature adjusting

1 Color Wheel: 8 colors + white + half color function

1 Fixed pattern wheel: 12 patterns + open, pattern water effect, pattern shaking effect, can realize two-way flow dynamic effect

1 Rotating pattern: 7 rotation pattern + open, pattern water effect, pattern shaking dynamic effect, can realize bidirectional water flowing effect

Atomization: 1 independent atomization effect, light spot soft and natural

Prism: 6/8 prism effect, can be rotated independently

Focusing: Linear focusing, linear adjustment from 4 m to 50 m

Display mode: LCD display, button + touch dual operation mode, free to switch between Chinese and English.

Cooling method: Use axial fan to strengthen cooling

Safety device: with electronic temperature control overheat protection, overheat system failure electronic temperature control automatic power off protection

Appearance material: high temperature resistant plastic

Body can be automatically reversed by 180 degrees

Net weight : 22.5KG 

Size: 38*27*65CM (L*W*H)

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