IP65 RGBA+Lemon+Cyan LED Par Light

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Model No.:SRP-LC607

IP65 RGBA+Lemon + Cyan 6-IN-1 LED Outdoor Par Light

Input voltage: AC 100V-240V/50-60Hz

Power consumption:116W

LED Source:7PCS 20W RGBA + Lemon + Cyan 6-in-1 LED


LEN Angle:15°/ 25°/ 45° Optional

Life span: 50000~100000hours

PWM Dimmer:4300HZ(16666 grades)

Control Signal:DMX512

Control mode:stand alone/ Master/Slaver

Function Effect: dimmer, strobe, gradual change, rainbow, self program running

Built-in temperature control measurement function, when LED work overheated, intelligent reduce LED output power, current power output and temperature can be viewed.

Cooling mode: Natural Convection

Anti-electricity intension:1.5KV

Insulation Resistance:>2MΩ

Protection: IP65/IP20


Net weight:4.5 Kg

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